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~ Four things in any land must dwell, if it endures and prospers well:
One is manhood true and good; One is noble womanhood;
One is child life, clean and bright;
And one an altar kept alight.
Now gather round the fire, my friend,
Warm yourself, a poem I shall extend. ~

Here be your cocoa ... careful na, 'tis quite hot!

Mmmmm, chocolate!

When Christmas comes I always think
Of friends that I have known,
Whose kindnesses have touched my life
In ways that are their own.
Whose caring and whose loving
Can drive the cold away,
And always bring me happiness
On every Christmas Day.
When Christmas comes I always take
A walk down Memory Lane,
And all the joys I used to know
Still warm my heart again.
And it is times like this I feel
God's blessings through and through,
Not just because it's Christmas,
But because of friends like you!

Long, long ago in a land far away,
There came the dawn of the first Christmas Day,
And each year we see that promise reborn
That God gave the world on that first Christmas morn...
For the silent stars in the timeless skies
And the wonderment in a small child's eyes.
The Christmas songs the carolers sing,
The tidings of joy that the Christmas bells ring
Remind us again of that still, silent night
When the heavens shone with a wondrous light,
And the angels sang of peace on earth
And told me of the Christ Child's birth -
For Christmas is more than a beautiful story,
It's the promise of life and eternal glory.

Relatives are merrily rushing in,
Pine logs are crackling on the fire.
Cedars are laden down with snow,
Down the road, I hear a Christmas choir!

The turkey's roasting in the oven,
And stuffing, too - just smell the sage.
The pumpkin pie is almost done.
Oh, the lovely smell of the holidays!

Most of all, I love the sound
Of the family singing carols together,
Where warmth and laughter fill the air,
Despite the cold and icy weather.

We pray for those in foreign lands
Where pain and hunger reign supreme.
Give them newfound buds of hope
From which tomorrow's blossoms spring.

Lord, bring us back again next year,
And leave no empty chairs, we pray -
Like the star that led to Bethlehem,
Please be the Light that leads our way!

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