Aurora Borealis!

    Photograph © Řystein Lunde Ingvaldsen /

    In my hjemland (homeland) of Hammersfist the Nordlys (northern lights) are thought to be reflections off the shields of the Valkyrja (Valkyrie). The Valkyrja (Choosers of the fallen) are beautiful maidens and the helpers of Odinn. Odinn sends them to e'ery battle to select which of the Einherjar (slain warriors) should be escorted to Valhalla (Odinn's great hall of immortality).

    My brothers returned from an adventure through a time portal and showed me papers and a book about the Nordlys. Uff da, e'en though I still be trying to figure out what all this means, here is what is written. . .

    Luminous phenomenon of the upper atmosphere that occurs primarily in high latitudes of both hemispheres; auroras in the Northern Hemisphere are called aurora borealis, or northern lights; in the Southern Hemisphere, aurora australis, or southern lights.

    Auroras take many forms, including luminous curtains, arcs, bands, and patches. The uniform arc is the most stable form of aurora, sometimes persisting for hours without noticeable variation. The lower edges of the arcs and folds are usually much more sharply defined than the upper parts. *

    Auroral displays vary from night to night and during a single night. Usually, if sun-earth conditions produce an auroral substorm, a diffuse patch of glowing sky will be seen first, followed by a discrete arc that brightens perhaps a thousand-fold in a minute. As an arc moves toward the equator, new ones may form on its poleward side. Appearing within arcs are upward-reaching striations aligned with the magnetic field, giving the impression of curtains of light. Ripples and curls dance along the arc curtains and pulsating patches of light may appear in the morning hours. **

    Wish to learn more about the Nordlige Lysene? Just follow the portals below.
    I promise, you shall not be disappointed!

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    *Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Britannica
    **Excerpt from The Straight Scoop