The Fox and the Cat

The fox was known for her airs and graces. There was not a ball in the forest that she did not attend; she went about dressed up in fancy clothes , and held her nose higher in the air than any queen . "I am the most beautiful of all the animals," she would boast to all she met.

One day a little cat saw her and said, admiringly, "My, my, dear fox, how fine you look today, as always! How do you come to do so well for yourself? How I wish I could be as well-to-do as you." The fox nearly burst with pride. He who has a bad time of it is a fool," she said, haughtily. "Can you do anything clever at all, you good-for-nothing cat?" "No, indeed," replied the cat. "It is enough for me that I can jump into a tree whenever I catch sight of a dog ." "Well, there you are then," sneered the fox. "For I have a whole sackful of tricks, ruses and clever ideas up my sleeve for any dog that comes along. Come with me, and see how I put dogs in their place!"

Just then a group of dogs came into the forest . As soon as the hounds picked up the fox's trail, things began to look bleak. Without more ado the cat jumped into a tree . "Quickly, cousin fox," she called. "Open your bag of tricks!" But the dogs soon caught up with the proud fox, snapping at her heels and chasing her deeper into the woods.

"There you are, you see, madam fox," purred the cat . "My one little trick was worth a whole sackful of your cleverness."
And she curled up on the tree branch and went to sleep.
~The End

As you reach for the door handle, suddenly the floor opens beneath your feet!