Trap Door!

Uff da! You fell through a trap door and landed in an underground room!
Luckily, you landed on some old, smelly mattresses so you did not receive any injuries!

'Tis creepy down here, and you hear strange noises.
Listen! - Those sound like the scritches and scratches of rats near you.

As you hurridly stand up, you see the small lit torch next to the picture on the far wall.
You decide to take a closer look at it . . .

It be a good thing you did! You notice that the picture frame juts out a bit on the right side.
Carefully checking behind it, you find a key!

You take the key.
As you slowly turn around, you notice an old trunk sitting on the floor near the mattresses.
You decide to investigate - mayhaps you shall find treasure inside!

Alas! The trunk is locked, and the key you hold does not fit.

As you continue to search the room, you see a group of barrels near a stairway.
Who knows what you shall find inside?!

One holds some dusty, old hats. The others contain nothing. Drat!
Oh oh! Now is the time to leave for you begin hearing spooky noises!


You reach the top only to find a locked door!