How The Shepherd Boy
Counted Sheep!

Once upon a time there was a sheep kingdom , ruled over by a sheep queen , who had two silver bells around her neck. She had so many subjects that no one could count them, and this worried the queen a good deal. One day a little shepherd boy wandered into the kingdom . "Do not worry, queen sheep," he said, "I shall count your subjects for you. When I have counted them, ring your silver bells , and the fairy tale will end." And he took out his flute and played, and all the black sheep and the white ones flocked into the meadow.
The shepherd boy drove them on and on, until they reached a broad river . Across the river stretched a narrow footbridge. There the shepherd boy ordered the sheep to cross over the bridge, one by one. Can you see them? There they go, one after the other , and the shepherd boy counts them as they pass. We must keep counting until they are all over on the other side.
You can count as well. One , two , three , four , five , six , seven , eight , nine , ten , eleven , twelve . . . and so on, until all one hundred and thirty-three were across the bridge.
When you hear the bells ring, the fairy tale is over.
~The End

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