The Old Woman and the Mouse

In a little paper house on a little paper hill lived a kind old woman . One day a cheeky little mouse moved in with her. "I am going to stay here and live with you, granny," he told her coarsely, "and if you don't like it I shall chew your little house to pieces!" . "I don't mind," smiled the clever old woman. "At least I shan't be lonely here on my own. If you like, we can ask each other riddles." The mouse agreed, and perched haughtily on the woman's outstretched palm.

"I shall begin," he squeaked. "Tell me, old woman, tell me, how many steps does a blue bird take to cross an acre field?" "An easy one," replied the old woman. "None at all. A blue bird doesn't step, it only hops. But now listen carefully to my riddle!

"Ears like a mouse, claws like a mouse, whiskers like a mouse, but it isn't a mouse. What is it?" - "I give up," said the mouse.
"No, no," said the woman, shaking her head. "You must keep guessing. Let's try it another way. What is it? Eyes like a cat , legs like a cat, tail like a cat, voice like a cat, and right now it's getting ready to jump on your back!"

"C-c-c-c-caaat!" shrieked the mouse, and was off and out of the little house in a flash.
"Dear me, wherever would a cat appear from in my house? It was only a riddle," smiled the old woman, thinking to herself how glad she was to see the last of the silly little mouse.
~The End

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