The Pen That Told Tales!

There was once a naughty little girl. She obeyed nobody, never said good-day to anyone, never said please or thank you, and at school she would draw pictures underneath her desk. When the teacher asked her, she couldn't even recite the A, B, C's. But, she knew how to tell all sorts of lies.

One day she lost her pencil. At school she told her teacher someone had stolen it. "Are you sure?" the teacher asked, but she insisted that one of her schoolmates had taken it. The teacher smiled, and gave her a beautiful new pen , such as none of the children had ever seen before.
When the little girl got home , she hurriedly scribbled her homework and ran out into the garden. . She didn't even read her homework over for errors. She was naughty all afternoon, pulling up flowers from her mother's beautiful flowerbed.
That evening she quarrelled with her little brother , dressed the family cat in doll clothes , and teased their dog by taking away his toys.

The next day at school the teacher called the little girl by name, "Read me your homework, please." the teacher said. The girl began to read, but soon she started to blush like a ripe cherry. The magic pen had written, instead of her homework, all the mischief she had done.

From that moment on the little girl was much better behaved. She was afraid the magic pen would tell on her again!
~The End

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