How the Animals Wanted
to Build a House!

In a certain zoo there lived a giraffe , a monkey , a parrot , an owl , and a seal . "Let us build ourselves a house!" they said one day, and at once began to discuss what sort of a house they were to build. The giraffe said, "It must have a roof up to the skies, so that I may get my head inside it." - "But inside it there must be trees with nuts and thick branches, so that I may swing from them by my tail," said the monkey . Then the parrot said it should swing from the air like a cage, and have a perch and a grain trough and all sorts of other things. "Oh no", said the owl , "our house shall have grass and twigs, and be cozy like a nest, so that the wind cannot get in." - "But what about me?," barked the seal , "I must have a small pool filled with water!"

In the end they decided to build a house which would suit everyone. They built and built, but they never managed to build that house. It was either too big, or it was too small, or it was too this, or it was not enough of that. "There is nothing for us," sighed the monkey at last. Only children can paint a house like that for everyone. When the children come, we shall ask them to think up a house for us." And to this day they are waiting for someone to come along and paint them a lovely house that will *suit them all*.

Kids, think you can paint or draw a house for them? Why not try ... I bet you can!
~The End

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