The Magic Pot!

Uff da! Did you roll off the bed and fall through a trap door? Tis all right, you know, for I shall tell you another tale, and hopefully make you laugh!

Once upon a time a poor boy went into the woods to gather wild strawberries , and there he met a nice old woman . "Please give me at least a small piece of bread , my boy, for I am so hungry I can scarcely stand," the woman begged. The kindhearted boy shared with her the little food he had, and for his generosity the old woman gave him a present of a cooking pot . "It is magic," she explained. "If you say to it 'pot, cook gruel', it will cook as much gruel as you could wish for."

The boy thanked her kindly and went home , and he and his mother cooked sweet, wholesome gruel until they could eat no more. From then on they were never short of food.

One day, the boy had gone on another errand to gather wood , when his mother began to feel hungry. She put the pot on the hearth , so that the gruel would be nice and warm, and told it, "Pot, cook gruel!" The pot cooked and cooked and cooked, until the gruel ran out of it and onto the floor, then out of the door and into the garden . The boy's mother was so upset that she forgot how to stop the pot from cooking. She took a broom and brushed the gruel out of the hallway, but to no avail: soon the parlour was full of gruel, then it flowed out of the window, down onto the village green.

At that moment the boy came running into the house , and told the pot , "Pot, enough!" But by that time there was so much gruel on the village green that the farmers and their goats could not get by, and had to eat their way through the sweet morass.
~The End

This way for more, but watch out for trap doors!

The little knight shall take you back!