The Imp in the Box!

Once upon a time there was an old treasure box , and inside the box lived a wicked little magic imp . He had an enchanted mirror which swallowed up anyone he pointed it at, and would not let them go. They became a little glass picture. You would not believe how many people and things the magic mirror had imprisoned.

There was a king with the whole of his palace , an owl , a princess with a heart on her apron , a puppy , a parrot , a ladybug , and all manner of other things.

One day the treasure box was found by a little glass doll from the kingdom of glass. The moment she opened the box, the wicked imp jumped out and pointed the magic mirror at her. But since she was made of glass, and was clear and quite invisible, the mirror could not see her, and could not swallow her up. "Oh, what beautiful little glass pictures there are there!" she cried, excitedly, as she looked into the mirror. And she put her hand in and, one by one, drew them all out to safety. The imp lost his temper , and wanted to destroy the mirror. But when he turned it round, the mirror swallowed him up. He became a little glass picture.

Now that picture hangs in a glass palace in a certain fairytale kingdom. The ruler of the kingdom is the little glass doll.

Why don't you go and see her sometime?
~The End

Methinks you should lay down and rest before walking up any more stairs.
But wait! You see an old book laying on the floor.
Mayhaps it holds some secrets! Do you dare find out?

This little knight shall take you back!