The Magic Merry-Go-Round

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a kitten he loved more than anything in the world. But one day the kitten wandered off somewhere and did not come back again. The little boy was heartbroken. He cried, and cried, and could not be comforted.

Some time later a man with a merry-go-round came to the village, ringing silver bells and calling out; "Come and take your seats! My magic merry-go-round will take you wherever you please! The children had lots of wishes, one of them wanting to go on a trip around the world , another to a gingerbread cottage ; but the little boy wanted only to go to his lost kitten. No sooner had he wished, than the wooden horse he was sitting on galloped away with him.

Before very long, they arrived in a strange land. There were many people and animals there, but they all looked like shadows. Suddenly, along came the little kitten . "Where am I?" asked the boy in wonder. "In the land of memories," replied the kitten in a human voice. "All those who are sadly missed in the world come here. But they may live only so long as someone remembers them." The boy would have taken his kitten home with him, but the kitten told him, "I cannot go with you. But if you call my name before you go to sleep , I shall come to you in your dreams." The boy played with her for a while, then he jumped back on the merry-go-round horse , and before he knew it he was standing on the village green. Strange to say, the magic merry-go-round had disappeared from sight.

When the boy told his mother of his journey, she did not believe him. But when he called the kitten's name before he went to sleep, she came to him in his dreams. And he never forgot her.
~The End

More stairs? Uff da!

This little knight shall take you back!