How the Mouse and the Frog Fell Out!

Once upon a time a mouse and a frog lived together by a woodland lake. They would sleep all day long in their little cottage, and only when the moon rose in the evening would they come out to sit on the porch and tell each other fairy tales.

One evening the frog took a kingcup flower down to the lake to get water. The water was sparkling with stars, like precious jewels in some treasure chest . "Mouse, see how rich we are! the frog cried out. The mouse came running up, and could not believe her eyes. Then she fell into thought, "Frog," she said, after a while, "you and I must take turns to guard our treasure, so that no one can steal it." - "You are right," said the frog. So they took turns to watch over the lake until morning.

The last watch fell to the little mouse . Who knows what happened - perhaps the mouse dropped off to sleep for a while - but in the morning there was no sign of the sparkling treasure in the lake. "Frog!" the mouse cried. "You have stolen our treasure!" - "I?" said the frog, angrily. "You are the one who had the last watch - you must have stolen it!" And the mouse and the frog began to argue so, that in the end they parted company and went to live seperately.
Foolish creatures! That evening the lake was again full of stars .
~The End

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