The Magic Flute!

Over nine rivers there lived, until not very long ago, a proud princess. Nothing was to her taste; she turned her nose up at everything.

One day a young vagabond passed by, and he had a magic flute. He played to a blue forget-me-not , and out of it stepped a doll , which curtsied three times and pirouetted three times. He played to a rose , and out rode a small knight in gold armour and red plumage , who raised his lance three times.

"Oh, what a beautiful toy!" cried the princess from the palace window . "I must have it, whatever it costs!" "You may have it for nothing," smiled the vagabond, "if you promise to play for the joy of people and flowers."

The princess promised, but she did not keep her word. She wanted to play the flute only for her own enjoyment. She played once, and out crawled a spider , which bowed three times and three times spun her a black web. She played a second time, and out flew a bee , which circled three times and stung the princess three times.

She started to cry and, throwing down the flute , ran indoors to complain.
"The flute's magic is only for those who have a good heart," the little vagabond called after her, picking up the flute and setting it to his lips again.

And wherever he went, the flowers danced ; all the birds of the air flew after him.

Perhaps one day he shall come your way!
~The End

Going up or coming down?

This little knight shall take you back!