Why Cats Catch Mice!

Once upon a time long, long ago the king of cats declared war on the king of dogs . The war lasted a thousand and one years without either side winning, so in the end they made .

They drew up a solemn treaty on a piece of parchment where it was written that cats and dogs would no longer squabble with each other; the cat king unsheathed his claws and scratched his signature, and the dog king stuck his paw in the ink and placed his mark on the paper, and that was that! The pact was sealed. And so that no one might steal that solemn treaty, they hid it in the attic in a bag of oats .

But one day a wandering dog returned from his travels. He did not know that the cats and dogs had made peace, and he bared his teeth at the first cat he set eyes on. "You fool, don't you know that we have signed a treaty of eternal peace?" hissed the cat . "Show me the treaty!," growled the dog. So the cat led him to the attic, but, alas! The mice had got into the sack of oats and chewed the treaty to pieces. "I see no treaty" the dog barked angrily, and chased the cat.

Ever since then dogs have growled at cats because they consider them liars. And cats have caught mice -- because it was the mice who tore up their treaty.
~The End

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