The Dream Maker

Far, far away, in the starry realm of shadows, the Night Queen sits on her moon throne . In her clasped hands she holds, like a cup of sparkling water, a magic flower . The moment the sun has set on the Earth , the loveliest of the flowers spreads its petals, and on it there awake from their slumbers the Dream Maker and the kindly Night Fairy. Both of them are as transparent as a dewdrop, and quite, quite invisible.

The fairy's hair hangs in clear glass plaits, and her skirt is like a crystal bell. The little Dream Maker will sprinkle stardust in her hair, or strike a tinkling note from her skirt with a slender moonbeam. Then the brittle melody rings out softly through the night, until sleep draws shut the eyelids of children around the world, as the Dream Maker croons his lullaby and stars sparkle and shoot across the heavens.

The flower is spreading its petals . Can you hear? Out there in the distance someone is singing.
The Dream Maker is calling you to his kingdom .

Listen! . . .

Ting-a-ling starbells, faintly ringing;
Moonshine, silver bright.
Fairy voices, softly singing,
Far off in the night.
Hush now, children, close your eyes:
Before your dreaming's done,
Dewdrops, tinkling from the skies,
Will greet the morning sun.

I shall take you back to The Children's Hour.